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In a Bolton housing estate, one house stands out.  The fences are covered with ‘Missing’ posters of Lottie.  The door is open; it’s an open house to finally sell the place.  The two events are nine years apart but are inescapably linked.  Remains looks at the relationship between two young girls after their sister goes missing,… Continue Reading →

Multi Story/Multistorey

Monkeywood Theatre brought Multi Storey to Bolton, or more specifically the Octagon car park, as part of the excellent Reveal Season.  I like the work that Monkeywood produce, and I particularly like the writing of Andrew Sheridan and Sarah McDonald Hughes.  ‘Our work tells exciting and untold stories that are rooted in Manchester and the North West… Continue Reading →

Get Yourself Together

I finally caught up with Josh Coates’ Get Yourself Together as part of Bolton Octagon’s Reveal festival (until 25 June).  And I’m really glad that I did. This is a nicely structured piece, starting with Josh’s personal story (he is hit by a car and diagnosed with depression on Christmas Eve) and opening out to look… Continue Reading →