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Why does the Bruntwood Prize matter?

Yesterday the winners of the 2017 Bruntwood Prize were announced at a ceremony at the Royal Exchange.  In effect there were six winners; an overall Prize Winner, three Judges Awards and two plays selected for development support.  It is likely we will see at least four of these performed at the Royal Exchange either in… Continue Reading →

Parliament Square

Parliament Square by James Fritz is the third of the 2015 Bruntwood Prize winners to be performed at the Royal Exchange (Wish List, How My Light is Spent), and the first to be performed in the main space.  At first this seems an odd decision.  Wish List always struck me as a play that should… Continue Reading →

Significant Other

From 18-22 April 2017, the Pensive Federation, a London based theatre company, brought their Significant Other festival to 53two in Manchester.  Ten writers each create a ten minute play, each with a director and two actors – all in ten days. ‘The festival will provide each participant with an opportunity to challenge themselves and creates immediate, current and exciting theatre.’ Last… Continue Reading →

Live 3 from Barrel Organ

As part of Barrel Organ’s stay at the Royal Exchange with ‘Some People Talk About Violence’, they also presented a live scratch night ‘for experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre’. The thing about scratch nights is that they are an invaluable way… Continue Reading →

ADP at the Lowry

Manchester ADP normally stage their ‘Scripts Aloud’ evenings at the Kings Arms.  Once a month the format is to put on four, fifteen minute script-in-hand plays, and then to allow the audience to feed back directly to the writer, director and cast in an open forum.  I had a piece on in June (I talked… Continue Reading →