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Two hundred years after writing, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein appears to be more relevant today than at any other point. We are on the verge of creating beings in our image, whether through genetics, bioengineering or Artificial Intelligence. We will face the challenge over how to control our creations, just as Frankenstein did. And in a… Continue Reading →

Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok

Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok tells the story of four generations of one family through the eyes of Hong Kong born Lily and her British born granddaughter Helen. We see the challenges Lily faces, much of it ingrained in Chinese culture, and how she escapes through her love of cooking. Scenes of despair, violence… Continue Reading →


Handlooms is set in a sari shop on Wilmslow Road, Manchester, which is going through a crisis as a result of changing tastes. The saris on display and at the heart of the performance are beautiful handmade works of art – costing over ¬£1,000 each. When you touch the material and see the unique designs… Continue Reading →

She Bangs the Drums

This review was first published on the MTA site on 9 March 2018. Contact Young Company (CYC) have collaborated with many established theatre makers over the years to develop fascinating shows, predominantly of a devised nature. Current production She Bangs the Drums is directed by ¬†Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit of Sh!t Theatre (Letters to… Continue Reading →