May Theatre

Two Bank Holidays, the start of summer and colour comes to Manchester’s green spaces.  And there’s great theatre on offer, as always.

Spring Reign at the Lowry on 10 May looks like a fascinating insight into the reality of the Syrian conflict, ‘based on real-life accounts collected from Syrian refugees, aid workers, activists, and journalists’.  Also Oldham Library 18 May.

At Contact on 24 and 25 May, Reckless Sleepers return with Schrödinger, based on the box that holds the cat that theory suggests is both dead and alive.  This is the black box to the white box of one of my favourite shows from last year, Negative Space.

At Oldham Coliseum Hard Times comes to the main stage from 19 May, drawing parallels between the Victorian world and our present day experiences of lost industry and low wages.  To complement, Manchester ADP travels to the Coliseum to present script in hand responses that explore characters, scenes and ideas beyond the show in What the Dickens on Monday 22 May.

At HOME, Tank (4-6 May) from Breach Theatre was the show I most wanted to see at last year’s Fringe but didn’t.  Tank explore the difficulties of bridging cultural divides by interrogating an experiment in 1965, when an American scientist lived with a dolphin for ten weeks to try and teach him to speak English.

In the wider performance scene, After Hours returns to Manchester’s museums and Arts Spaces on Thursday 18 May, details here.  One off art, music, and spoken word events offer unique experiences in some of Manchester’s iconic spaces.  You can read my review from last year here.

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