Date Night at the Theatre

When you meet someone new
do you run your finger along their bookshelves,
wondering which are their favourites,
which worlds they inhabit when they are alone?

Or take them to the theatre,
Show them what is in your head,
The worlds you want to create,
The characters you want to believe in?

You’ve checked the reviews, but
what will the show say about you?
Safe or edgy?  Intellectual or unpredictable?
Just how much of a risk will you take?

Because what is theatre to one person?
For some it is the blockbuster musical,
light, sonic, a simple story with
familiar sing-a-long tunes.

Go for edgy; you’ll look cutting edge,
even dangerous. Or it might go wrong,
and you sit uneasily whilst
they stare at the side of your face.*

Or go for the one hour play,
finishing by 9, there’s lots of time
to go on to somewhere new,
make small talk or make amends.

Sit at the back?
Sit at the front?
If they pull out their phone
is that curtains?

Here’s my advice.
If you can have a good laugh
about it later over a drink,
you know it’s going to work out.


*This happened at White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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