Who Wants to Live Forever

We enter to a stage inhabited by a number of fallen glitter balls picked out by spotlights; otherwise the set is dark, devoid of matter. Is this the 5% of visible matter in the universe? Or the remains of meteorites whose burning dust creates the image of a shooting star? Or are they the fallen stars, the discarded dreams, the memories of people lost? Why do some performers burn so bright before self-destructing?

Cheryl Martin’s ‘jazz fantasy’ Who Wants to Live Forever combines astronomy, astrology, personal memories and the songs of the great female jazz singers to explore themes of loss, love and hope. Images and concepts are layered one over the other to draw vivid parallels between ourselves, our idols and the universe in which we live.

It’s both intelligent and beautiful. Dark and light. There is a wonderful poetry to the words and there is such soul in Cheryl Martin’s singing voice. She asks whether we are more struck by the young hopeful voice or the experienced, embattled reflection. Do we look for hope or do we take comfort that it’s not us struggling to deal with our demons. Whilst plunging depths of darkness, it’s ultimately about light, life and hope.

One image has stuck with me. If it takes a finite time for light to travel across space, then there are stars out there that have not yet seen people close to us die. Does that make them still alive in someone’s world? Is it better to live forever in the vastness of space or for a finite time here on Earth?

A production that gets you deep down in your mind, heart and soul.

Part of HOME PUSH2017 Festival till 28 Jan 2017.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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