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February in Manchester

At Contact the highlight is Queer Contact, which I previewed here.  But also look out for Made in India, which considers ethical dilemmas of international surrogacy and had strong reviews in Coventry prior to its tour (21 – 22 Feb). Graeae Theatre combine with the Royal Exchange to present The House of Bernarda Alba from 3 –… Continue Reading →

Looking back at PUSH2017

Two years ago I listened to Walter Meierjohann talk about the as yet unfinished HOME, and describe how he wanted to connect with theatre makers in Manchester, and that HOME would be a directing theatre.  You can read the original post here.  I questioned whether Manchester would warm to HOME.  I needn’t have worried. For… Continue Reading →

Who Wants to Live Forever

We enter to a stage inhabited by a number of fallen glitter balls picked out by spotlights; otherwise the set is dark, devoid of matter. Is this the 5% of visible matter in the universe? Or the remains of meteorites whose burning dust creates the image of a shooting star? Or are they the fallen… Continue Reading →


Mina by Nataly Lebouleux looks at the use of Conversion Therapy to ‘cure’ same-sex attraction. Using film, evocative lighting and light boxes, physical theatre and performance art, this is at times a very beautiful show.  The performer spends a large part of the show trapped in a transparent box, initially tearing paper, then with images… Continue Reading →


Performer Louise-Clare Henry picks up her Betty mask, and places it on her head.  The expression is resigned, no movement in the face to express emotion.  We have no idea what Betty is really thinking.  She picks up a notebook containing thoughts from her deceased husband.  Whose writings are these?  Is there any truth?  She takes off… Continue Reading →