Jumpers for Goalposts

Jumpers for Goalposts comes to Oldham Coliseum for a two week run from 7 – 22 October 2016.  It’s good to see new writing on the Oldham stage – this play was first performed in 2013.  Director Chris Lawson notes: ‘Tom Wells is writing stories that matter; we relate to them and they reflect real life. Jumpers For Goalposts felt like the perfect match for my first show on the Coliseum’s main stage, it bridges the gap between the studio and main house, bringing quality contemporary writing to a larger audience.’

Set in the changing rooms after each of six games in the local LGBT 5-a-side tournament, the cast of five make up the aptly named Barely Athletic.  Can they win their games?  Can they achieve their ultimate objective of coming third out of the four teams?  Are they doing this for the football, or do they need each other more than they know?

This is a beautiful and funny play about people and relationships, featuring fascinating, strong and well developed characters, so that we fully engage with their hopes and fears.  Bossy captain Viv worries about her brother in law, Joe, after the death of her sister, his wife.  Painfully shy Luke works in the library and has never kissed anyone, but can’t keep his eyes off fitness student Danny.  And Beardy Geoff can’t find his place in the world, even through music.

Oldham Coliseum has always had a strong reputation for comedy and this production builds on that whilst offering audiences a new direction and fresh new writing.  From the staging to the direction to the music, this is an impressive production that offers both energy and tenderness.  It is important that all theatres find ways to engage with younger, more diverse audiences.

photo Joel C Fildes

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