Edinburgh – Teatro Delusio

The Pleasance Grand is a large space to fill, especially on a wet afternoon.   But mask and mime theatre makers Familie Floz pretty well manage it with Teatro Delusio.

The set is backstage at the theatre and three stagehands are working hard to keep the show running to plan. At first we see the petty disagreements between them, but despite the masks each character is perfectly formed.  Then the real performers start to enter the scene – ballet dancers, heroes, villains; all are played by just three actors using exquisite masks, mime and talented physicality.  No words are spoken.

It’s a well crafted production, generally well paced and with intelligent overlap between what happens onstage and backstage. Gradually the two worlds combine until there is very little to separate them.

Some great moments of humour, but it’s the masks and the physicality that make the show.


Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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