Edinburgh – Faslane

Jenna Watt lives close to Faslane, near Helensburgh, just up the Clyde from Glasgow.  That’s where the UK’s nuclear deterrent, Trident, is stationed.  It’s also where many from within her family have worked for over twenty years.  How can she reconcile her conflicting emotions about Trident?

The show recounts Jenna’s discussions with people on both sides of the argument.  Her family whose livelihood depends on Trident are predictably accepting of its benefits.  However when she enters the protest camp outside the base she is surprised by what she discovers, and the reasons why people protest.  She covers the political arguments for Trident and the humanitarian arguments against.  It’s wonderfully articulated, and presented with great pace.

Is it more than just a documentary?  Well, yes.  An appropriate level of audience interaction brings us closer to the argument.  At times it becomes personal, even introspective, and we are drawn to Jenna herself in a way we could not if she were just presenting a documentary.  The set is simple but effective; stones recreate the feeling of being by the river.  We focus on what Jenna is saying.

In the end, she is forced to take a stance.  A fascinating performance that presents a difficult topic with a very personal approach.


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