Edinburgh – Don’t Wake The Damp

‘Developed with the Lowry’ artists Kill the Beast bring their new show Don’t Wake the Damp to the Pleasance Dome.

Evil is rising. Grab a mop. Multi award-winning comedy captains Kill the Beast present a new twisted tale inspired by 80s sci-fi, 90s gaming and cracking superhero theme tunes.

It’s 2035 and ex-superhero sidekick June Berry sets out to save her block of flats from the evil damp that threatens them.

It’s a really well put together show.  The set consists of three irregular movable panels onto which are projected beautifully designed nineties style graphics to create the world of the block of flats where the damp/monster is threatening the inhabitants.  Choreography of the actors around the frequently moving screens is near perfect.  Music is impressive too, the pulsing soundtrack based around the ‘hit single’ Captain of My Heart.  The talented cast of four create two sets of larger than life characters, one as inhabitants of the flats, the other from the superhero show.  The complexity of the show is in the overlap between the two.

It’s a well written production, with enough laughs to keep the pace moving most of the time, but there’s not quite enough in the dialogue to justify 75 minutes.  Nevertheless, attention to detail on the costumes, technical work on the monster and perfect facial expressions all add to the larger than life world that is created on stage.  In the end, you find that you’ve been smiling all the way through.

It’s an engaging show, visually stunning, great music, performed by a really talented cast.

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