Take Back Togetherness

Sometimes theatre blogs are not about criticism, but about recording the fact that an event actually happened.  On Sunday 10th July, Take Back Theatre put on Take Back Togetherness at the Royal Exchange.  This was a response to the referendum vote to leave the EU, and was put together in the following two weeks.  Call out for work, choosing pieces, and rehearsals, all in just over two weeks.  You can see work that didn’t make it on their blog.

Over two and a half hours a huge assembly of actors, singers and spoken work performers covered different aspects of the referendum result, and how we see ourselves and the rest of the world.  Many Manchester writers contributed.  Effectively split into quarters, with a different director taking on each section, this was mainly a script in hand performance, but still executed to the highest standard.

I look back over what I’ve seen recently around Manchester, and there is very little political theatre, Love on the Dole the obvious exception.  And yet this is what we talk about in bars, on the tram, and at work.  The repercussions will echo for many years; for many of us the referendum could be the most important political event of our lives. It is reassuring to see theatre reflecting this concern.  Intelligent political theatre is alive and well in Manchester.



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