Table for Six – Dining on Monologues

‘Pull up a chair in the Royal Exchange Great Hall, glance over the menu and order a monologue to your table.  The Young Company return with a theatrical experiment – written, directed and performed by members of the company, Table for Six turns the Great Hall into a bubbling pot of activity, with six new pieces fresh from the oven and delivered straight to your table.’

It’s a fascinating concept, and it’s very effective.  There is a menu of six monologues, and two waiters work the cafe area of the Great Hall taking orders, estimating delivery times and suggesting alternatives.  When it’s time, the actor arrives at your table and delivers their monologue.  I listened to three, all of which were excellent.  Milestone, about making friends by telling them your secrets, written by Paul Holliday and performed by Honor McGregor; Run Girl Run! about being chased endlessly, written by Yandass Ndlovu and performed by Elena Brierley; Schadenfreude, about the consequences of a single terrible act in youth, written by Olivia Neilson and performed by Joel Dalziger.  For two of these I was the only audience at my table, which made it an incredibly personal and intense experience.

This is a production that uses its environment well, but does something quite different and unexpected in what are otherwise very familiar surroundings.  There have been impressive productions in the Great Hall this year, including Come Closer, a series of ten monologues in April.  It’s good to see the Royal Exchange making such innovative use of the building.

An impressive piece of theatre from the Young Company at the Royal Exchange.

Friday 22 July only.

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