Monthly Archives: July 2016

I’m standing next to you

From the Mill Theatre Company bring I’m standing next to you to the Manchester Fringe.  From the company: Our world has never been more connected. We can contact people around the world instantly, like their photos on Facebook and comment on their lives. So why do increasing numbers of people feel isolated? It’s played out in a… Continue Reading →


Why the balloons?  I don’t get it?  What’s all this about? Word of Warning brought their biannual HAZARD festival to St Ann’s Square, Manchester, on 9 July 2016.  Bringing together an eclectic mix of performers, audience and passers-by were presented with works to challenge and to enjoy.  If there was a theme, it was having fun… Continue Reading →

Love on the Dole

Love on the Dole is described as ‘a community play for Salford’.  Drawing actors from the local community (who may not have acted before), the play reflects the geographic locations of the story, and the past and present socio-political climate.  ‘The social actor is never just the character they play, but also a member of of… Continue Reading →

Mighty Walzer?

I was slightly sceptical about the Royal Exchange’s decision to programme two book adaptations to conclude the current season, but the Night Watch was a great success; ambitious and thoughtful.  The final play of the season is Simon Bent’s adaptation of Howard Jacobson’s The Mighty Walzer, a tale of a shy, Jewish teenager in fifties Manchester… Continue Reading →