May in Manchester

So what’s coming up in May that might offer something a little different in Manchester theatre?

Lowry’s Week53 Festival continues until 8 May.  I saw Anatomie in Four Quarters and based on this alone, it is clear that the theatre is being used in innovative and far reaching ways.  Expect the Scene Dock to offer a new perspective when it opens on 5 May.

At the Royal Exchange, Josh Coates presents Get Yourself Together on 6 and 7 May which ‘explores the thin line between mental health as a clinical and a political issue’.

At Contact, Flying Solo runs from 5 – 14 May and includes many fascinating performances.  Picks include Cheryl Martin’s Alaska, and Ria Hartley’s Untouchable, but the whole programme looks impressive.

First Draft returns to Oldham Coliseum from 11 – 14 May with a mix of plays, including The Stars Are Made of Concrete and Tuesdays at Tesco’s.   And there’s interesting new writing including Significant Other, as ’10 writers create their 10 minute masterpiece, joined by 10 directors and 10 actors – all in 10 days’.

As part of HOME‘s first birthday weekend, from 19 – 21 May, there’s a double bill with Eggs Collective presenting Late Night Love, ‘a tender and ridiculous show that clambers up your drainpipe with a rose between its teeth’ and Liz Richardson’s real life experiences in Gutted.

Chorlton Arts Festival runs from 20 – 29 May, and I’m particularly interested by The Switchover from The Larks, ‘part game, part theatre, based around the Metrolink … running between Chorlton, Firswood, West Didsbury, and Northern Moor’.

In Heaton Hall, from 26 – 30 May, Whispers of Heaton from Feelgood Theatre Productions is a site specific experience featuring music, song, drama and dance, based around the first World War.


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