When I Feel Like Crap

..or the full title When I Feel Like Crap I Google Kim Kardashian Fat.

This is verbatim performance, the stories gathered from women aged 16-90, and deals with body image and self esteem.  Just like their other show, What’s the Matter with You?, Mighty Heart Theatre take a complex subject that is often difficult to talk about and make it accessible.  The stories are uncomfortable and the issues serious and yet the presentation draws you in.  Engaging with the audience, and always creating the right vehicle to deliver the point, everyone is on the same side.  Some of the routines are hilarious, others make you laugh when you know you shouldn’t, others make you bite your lip.  There is a wonderful bitter-sweet Disney princess routine.  Even when the routine is funny, the subject is still treated with the greatest respect.  I love what Mighty Heart do and how they do it, and this is another wonderful show.

My daughter says:

As a sixteen year old girl surrounded by friends of every body type, I found the play an insightful and ultimately uplifting look into how women perceive their own bodies.  This topic of body image, and the way the media impacts our lives, is being increasingly explored – which can only be a good thing.  I particularly liked the way the show looked at all body types, as many current campaigns focus solely on plus-size women (not that this is a bad thing by any means, simply that it often excludes ‘slim’ bodies).  Overall, a great performance by two fantastic actors, and huge respect to all the brave women who shared their stories.

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