JB Shorts 14

The thing about JB Shorts is that you know what you’re going to get, and in a world where theatregoers are as concerned about their time as their money, that’s a strong brand that ensures good interest for the long run.  You know that of the six fifteen minute plays, you’re going to really like two, and there will be a couple that won’t do it for you.  In fact if I loved all six I’d be worried; someone else in the room wouldn’t have enjoyed any of them. It’s a formula that works; why change it?

And in fact tonight is no exception.  From a serious drama perspective there are two that stand out.  The Outing (Lindsay Williams) considers the responsibility a mother must take for the actions of her child.  Heroine (Peter Kerry) juxtaposes the current spotlight on young women leaving the UK for Syria against a daughter who is leaving to fight in the Spanish Civil War in the late 30s.  Both are well written and raise interesting issues.

Against that, there are plays that are lighter and with more humour.  Overall the acting is very good, the direction interesting and the writing variable. In fact one of these plays contains some of the worst dialogue I have recently witnessed on a Manchester stage.  Good TV writers won’t always make good stage writers.

But you know what you’re getting at JB Shorts and it’s a fun night out.

Photo credit: Brainne Edge

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