Under the Covers

Under the Covers returns to Contact after a successful run in March this year.  Performed by the Contact Young Company, this production explores contemporary attitudes to sex.

What Contact do so well is to team talented young performers, from across several disciplines, with national and international artists.  You only have to look at what they achieved with Shrine of Everyday Things to see the quality of the work.  For Under the Covers, the Director is Stacy Makishi who describes her work as ‘interdisciplinary in scope and includes performance film, installation and visual art’.  Supported by talented guest facilitators, and using research from The Institute of Sexology exhibition at the renowned Wellcome Institute (well worth a visit, opposite Euston station), this is a well constructed production.

Drawing on personal experiences, the twenty or so performers take it in turns to tell their stories through spoken word, theatre, physical theatre and dance.  Beautifully performed, many of the stories are moving and powerful, others charmingly funny.  There is an honesty throughout and yet, at the same time, an uncertainty as to whether each person is telling their own story or someone else’s.  Gender boundaries are blurred.  Contradictions develop between expectations and reality.  How can you express how you really feel?

But these issues are not unique to young people.  They are relevant to everyone, and everyone should see this.  A joy to watch.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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