Before I Fall

Z-Arts is a new venue for me.  It’s aimed at children and families and has a fantastic reputation in that field.  The space is welcoming, with a good cafe.  Next week there are Flare Festival events here.  Today I’m seeing Before I Fall, presented by Without Theatre and part of the GM Fringe.

I take a name badge; clearly there is going to be audience interaction.  There are cushions on the chairs, arranged in a circle.   I sit down, and look nervously around.  All are equal, actors and audience.  Clearly I am part of the production, but in the spirit of the ‘meeting’ nobody is forced to talk, and I say nothing.  The actors present their pieces.  The characters are rich and well formed, the stories interesting and thought provoking.  The issues aren’t clear cut; nor are they meant to be.  I try not to judge, but perhaps that is what I should be doing.  If I wanted to, I could tell my story.  I think someone does.

The issues around mental health are different for everyone.  This is powerful and thought provoking theatre.  If you’re offered a group hug at any time, take it; it makes the memory all the stronger.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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