This is How We Die

This is the first day of the Contact Theatre Flying Solo Festival.  I’d have seen Keisha Thompson – I Wish I had a Moustache – which I loved in 2013, but it was sold out.  Deservedly so.  Instead I’ve gone for Christopher Brett Bailey – This is How We Die.  Completely different.

The stage is empty except for a desk and a light.  And Christopher Brett Bailey spinning his lines about sex and death and language at breakneck speed, reading from a pile of assembled papers in front of him.  The pace changes from fast to slow, he looks up, then speeds up again, but always the words are at the front, describing in graphic detail relationships and a road trip across America.  The pace is wonderful.  There is a menacing beauty to the performance, and it builds to an unexpected climax.

Theatre needs people who can push the boundaries, who are prepared to do something different and challenge convention.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s a show you really should see once.  And if you love it, once more.

Flying Solo is on until 9 May at the Contact Theatre.


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