Box of Tricks

The Lowry Studio seems to be rapidly becoming a habit.  After recent visits to see Light and Life and Loves of a Nobody, this evening it’s Box of Tricks and their latest production Plastic Figurines.  Surely a testament to the superb programming in the Lowry Studio at the moment.

It’s a two hander and the characters that writer Ella Carmen Greenhill creates are utterly convincing.  The acting is outstanding.  Remmie Milner is the sister, Rose, who has sacrificed her youth to look after her younger brother.  Jamie Samuel is Mikey, a young man with autism, at times uncomfortably convincing in the role.  The language they use is a joy to listen to.  The production is impressive for a studio performance.  Lights and sound complement the effective ‘hospital’ set which continually evokes the themes of waiting and treatment. Direction is inspired, which does so much to create the relationship between the two characters.  But it is the lack of story that at times lets this play down. It can feel as if we are working through a mind map of autistic behaviours, and this masks the development of the play.

Nevertheless this is a very good production, well worth seeing, and another great reason to get to the Lowry studio.

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