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May Theatre

What looks good in May? The big event for May is the opening of HOME.  The first full production is The Funfair, Simon Stephens’ new version of Kasimir and Karoline by Ödön von Horváth, and directed by Walter Meierjohann, which runs from 14 May to 13 Jun.  The main theatre is a truly fantastic space and this… Continue Reading →

Writers for Sale

New writing is essential to theatre, both to introduce new voices, protect the future, and to address urgent and topical issues.  Six pieces of new writing were presented at Sale Waterside as part of Writers for Sale.  From the website: In 2013 there was a unique experiment … one university and three theatres came together… Continue Reading →

New theatre at the Adelphi Studio

Adelphi Building, Salford University

It never ceases to amaze me the depth of theatre in Manchester, and the range of performance spaces.  This evening it’s the Adelphi Studio Theatre, part of Salford University, and Next Level Theatre and Film Festival, billed as ‘the creative integration of students from the University of Salford’s third year Theatre and Media degrees’.  The Adelphi… Continue Reading →

HOME – first view

HOME.  It’s not quite finished, either outside or inside.  It’s got a good feel – well designed, airy, light, European.  Inside, it feels a long way from the office buildings around.  It’s a great space.  Full of people, it’s vibrant and welcoming.  It’s like the sleek, stylish sofa that replaces the comfortable but worn one… Continue Reading →

JB Shorts 13

Six months on from JB Shorts 12 I’m back at the Joshua Brooks for another six short plays.  The format is the same – six, fifteen minute plays by ‘top TV writers’.  And in keeping with the imminent General Election, this time there’s politics.  It’s sold out, and the atmosphere in the Joshua Brooks cellars… Continue Reading →