As the Cornerhouse closes its doors for the last time with the closing party on April 4th, here are ten quirky reasons I love the Cornerhouse.  Of course, what really made the Cornerhouse were the amazing staff and interesting people who went there.  But it’s nice to remember the little things too.

1.  Sitting by the window on the station side, just watching the world go by.

2.  Spending a whole lunch hour watching the identical men in ‘Habitat C3B’ run endlessly around a Paris housing estate, as part of Playtime.

3.  When you asked for a glass of water it came with ice and lime.  In a really nice tumbler.

4.  When it snowed one Sunday morning earlier this year, the staff played ‘Let it Snow’.   Everyone felt good.

5.  The performance art at the end of Misplaced Memoirs.  Being guided through the stairways of the Palace Hotel whilst a stranger recounted stories of their life.

6.  Finding new and interesting texts at the monthly play reading sessions with Lucia Cox in the Annexe.

7.  Colin, the most interesting and friendly Big Issue seller in Manchester.

8.  If you sit at the tables on the Oxford Road side on  sunny day,  you can see the Palace Hotel tower reflected in the rear window of every car that passes.

9.  The toilets are reversed on the ground and first floors.  If you forget which floor you’re on, you go into the wrong toilet.

10.  The lemon and rosemary cake.  And trying to fit in one more cake at the end of the evening.

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