A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge is one of my favourite plays, and Eddie Carbone one of the great theatrical characters.  Any production has  a lot to live up to – the classic Royal Exchange masterpiece a few years ago, and the current Old Vic production, which will be screened to cinemas on 26 March.

Stockport Garrick promote themselves as the oldest Little Theatre in the country.  Located on Wellington Road South, it’s easily accessible by train and bus.  It’s a comfortable, friendly, well maintained theatre with a large stage area.

I’ll never understand why some people overlook amateur theatre.  The best amateur productions are better than average professional shows.  Perhaps sometimes amateur theatre lacks strength in depth for smaller roles, but many of the lead roles are played to a very high standard.

So it is in this production.  For a start, the set is immediately stunning, and over the course of the play allows the story to unfold effectively.  The main roles are wonderfully performed, but it is Eddie Carbone, played by David Meller, and his journey from respectable neighbour to social outcast, who really steals this show.  It’s a large cast which allows the neighbourhood scenes to become claustrophobic and threatening.  In the end, it is a powerful production that shows just how good amateur theatre can be.

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