March plays

March is another month for searching out the best of Manchester’s theatre in smaller venues.

At the Cornerhouse Playtime closes on March 15.   It’s not theatre but it’s the only chance you’re likely to get to run through a room of saloon doors.  If you’ve never seen the art exhibitions this is your very last chance – ever – before it all transfers to HOME.  It will truly be the end of an era.

Across Manchester, throughout March is the SICK! Festival.  This is ‘the first festival in the UK dedicated to revealing and debating our most urgent physical, mental and social challenges’.  There is a full listing of events, and a good write up from Time Out of their picks.

STANDBY_3At the Lowry studio on 14 March is Standby For Tape Back-Up, one man’s search for his life story based on what he finds in an old videotape that once belonged to his granddad.  Heard good things about this.

At Salford Arts, from 26 to 28 March, 1956 Theatre presents Sexual Perversity in Chicago.  Their autumn rep season was excellent so expect more high quality theatre.

At the Royal Exchange studio, don’t miss Yen which closes on March 7.  This is wonderful theatre that rightly won the last Bruntwood Prize.

And look out for more announcements for the Manchester International Festival.

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