Light at the Lowry Studio

First an admission.  I love physical theatre.  It’s what I try to see each year at Edinburgh.  But I hadn’t heard of Theatre Ad Infinitum.  Clearly most of the audience in the packed Lowry studio had, and there was a real expectation before this production.

Technically brilliant, with innovative and perfectly choreographed movement, ‘Light’ takes us on a ‘Metropolis’ style journey into a futuristic dystopian world where the ability to transfer thoughts has become a means of controlling the population.

The company describe it as: ‘Blending anime-style storytelling and a pulsating soundscape to draw audiences into its sci-fi realm, this is a nightmarish tale of love, betrayal and technological power. LED strip and torchlight innovatively illuminate the wordless production, atmospherically set in darkness.’ 

This production bridges the gap between pure ‘physical theatre’ and ‘theatre’.  Unlike traditional physical theatre, the story is outlined on an LED display, making it more accessible.  The style is fast paced, up to date and immersive.  Once you get used to the cartoon style cuts from one scene to the next, the pace feels perfect.  It’s a wonderful, bold production that shows how amazing theatre can be.

How long until we see more aspects of physical theatre in mainstream theatre?

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