Two extremes at Re:play

My second visit to the Re:play festival at the temporary HOME is a tale of two extremes.

‘The Dumb Waiter’ is an intense, sometimes confusing and at times uncomfortably silent portrayal of two very different hit men waiting for details of their next job.  Initially performed in the basement of the King’s Arms, the First Street set remarkably manages to achieve the claustrophobic environment necessary for ‘Dumb Waiter’ to work.


Dumb Waiter

This is a wonderful performance that draws you into its charged emotional journey.  The two men played by Alastair Michael and James Warburton are superb in their conflicting handling of the situation, and overall the direction, staging, sound and lighting create a suitably disturbing play.

The Dumb Waiter was originally part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in 2014.  It’s back in July 2015, and has some brilliant theatre.

‘Spur of the Moment’ is the complete opposite.  Relentless, full of angst and constantly on the move, this play, written by Anya Reiss, tells the story of Delilah, 12, who falls for the 21 year old lodger.   Staging is innovative and scene changes quick and clever.  The tension in the household is well created, and the issues strongly presented, although for me there was too much noise and too much angst to see the deeper characters.  Nevertheless this is a talented cast and ‘Spur of the Moment’ was intelligently acted.

From the HOME website – ‘Spur of the Moment was originally performed at ALRA North as a final production by third year students. It is the first Drama School production to be chosen for Re:play and will feature the original, now graduated, cast.’  On the basis of this I’ll be making the trip to Wigan to see more.

It is refreshing to see such a variety of material at Re:play this year.

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