Monthly Archives: January 2015

What Happens to the Hope at the End of the Evening

A cold snowy evening watching ‘What Happens to the Hope at the End of the Evening’ at Manchester’s Contact Theatre. What really struck me about this production  was the way that Tim Crouch and Andy Smith managed to hold the audience’s attention for the full hour, despite there being long moments of silence and hesitancy, interspersed… Continue Reading →

Play4Free – Rehearsed Reading of Bloodletting

Play4Free at the King’s Arms is a great opportunity to try out new material.  Tonight was a rehearsed reading of ‘Bloodletting’, a new play from Emma Gibson, who was one of the two writers on the recent War Stories.  It was performed in the intimate, tightly packed, smaller upstairs theatre. ‘Bloodletting’ is set in a future… Continue Reading →

Art, performance or theatre – Not…the art of resistance

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my occasional interest in how theatre blurs into other art forms at the edges, and of how other art forms can influence and create theatre. One such example can be seen at the moment in the Holden Gallery at MMU in Manchester as part of their… Continue Reading →

HOME – Internationally significant but will Manchester love it?

I am fascinated by the effect HOME will have on the Manchester theatre scene.  The project is ambitious.  The venue will have an international flavour, and will at times fuse all three art forms (theatre, cinema and contemporary visual art) using a single focus. The opening play is to be ‘The Funfair’, an adaptation by… Continue Reading →

Peaceful – but tense – my first Play4Free

Play4Free at the King’s Arms includes 15 plays over the course of January and showcases both new writing and previously performed work.  Of course it’s not really free unless the play is awful – you are expected to contribute according to the quality of the play.  Good performances should be properly rewarded.  But it’s hard to decide which… Continue Reading →