The line between Theatre and Performance Art – Misplaced Memoirs

On Sunday I witnessed an amazing piece of performance art organised by the Cornerhouse:

‘Misplaced Memoirs is an intimate site-specific performance in which Qasim Riza Shaheen reveals his memories and stories of personal desire and past relationships through a series of confessional, poetic self-portraits. The piece will be performed to four [my correction] people at a time in the Palace Hotel. In this heightened, hyper-real scenography, Shaheen will explore the construction of our romantic imagination.’

This was a very personal experience with mostly a single person recounting a shared story about the memory of love.  Emotionally intense, you could only fully experience this by giving yourself up to the performers and the performance.  I was shaking by the end.  It was a fantastic experience.

It reminded me very much of Angel Meadow, which is surely one of the best plays of the year, in which groups of eight were taken into a disused pub and then experienced highly personal journeys.  Again, a superb production, emotionally highly charged and one which you could only fully experience by giving yourself up to the performance.

Two amazing productions which will be highlights of the year.  One was performance art. The other was theatre.  Both offered a very deep, very personal experience; an emotional journey.   Both will live long in my memory.  Why can’t all theatre do this?

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