Quarantine – The Reading Room

A site specific piece of Theatre?  Performance Art?  Spoken Word?  In the Reading Room of the Manchester Central Library?

Quarantine delivered ‘Reading Room’ as part of Manchester Library’s Chaos to Order week long residency curated by band ‘Everything Everything’.  The week has seen everything from stories in lifts, typewritten sentences down stairwells and morning music floating through the halls.  The Friday evening performance sees twenty eight readers select a text that somehow changed the way they saw the world.  Texts range from poetry, through songs, novels and, for Desk F, Jason Crouch reading ‘An introduction to the Commodore Amiga 500’.  The selection seems as bizarre as the event.

Surreal.  That’s how I would describe the experience.  Reading aloud in the normally silent Reading Room.  Discussing books with strangers.  Learning about an obsolete computer.  Hearing snatches of prose and poetry from other desks.

To Manchester Library for daring to do something different, well done!


Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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