No Guts, No Heart, No Glory

What happens when you are a 16 year old Muslim woman in Bradford and want to shape your own life and do something different?

No Guts, No Heart, No Glory is a story of five young female boxers.  It is set in the Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Gym, by immersive theatre company Common Wealth.  The gym, almost filled by the boxing ring itself, is a great venue for this play.  Not only does it look the part, it smells the part.  It feels that you are watching five young women train and speak their minds.  They perform in the ring, and they perform amongst the audience, attacking punchbags and attacking the community that stops them achieving their potential.

This is a beautiful play that builds gradually over the fifty minutes, weaving individual stories into the well choreographed group scenes.  By the end you are truly carried along by the sheer passion and fighting spirit of the five young women.  It’s a play that makes you feel that you should never have to apologise for who you want to be.



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