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Watching David Greig’s ‘The Events’ is like watching a wave coming into shore; you know it’ll break, but on the away there are eddies under and white tops over.  And you know that it will eventually recede but leave everything changed.

‘The Events’ was voted in the top ten of many Guardian theatre critics lists at the end of 2013, and it fully lived up to expectations.  Wonderfully directed by Ramin Gray, it looks at the effects on a young priest and her desire to understand ‘why’ in the face of the terrible atrocity of a mass killing of her choir.  Performed by two actors and a local choir which changes every night, there is an innocence and rawness about this play that contradicts the beauty of the singing.  The pace is amazing, quite slow at times but deep and it pulls you along with your mouth open.  A play to talk about for a long time afterwards.

This is another offering from ‘HOME”, staged before the new building is ready.  This time the location is Number One, First Street.  It’s an office space really but the team have done a fantastic job in creating a space which is comfortable (a superb range of armchairs and a table tennis table in the waiting area) and full of character.  The set isn’t ideal, very much in the vein of 24/7 shows, but it works.

HOME is building up a great reputation for bringing challenging and innovative theatre to Manchester.  As with Angel Meadow and Romeo and Juliet, The Events sets the bar very high indeed.


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