Secret Theatre – Swan Street

It turns out this is the first performance in the Royal Exchange’s Swan Street rehearsal space.  It’s an interesting space to use.  It feels experimental.  It feels like you’re walking into a workshop.  It’s intimate and there is nowhere for anyone to hide.  It’s perfect for this Secret Theatre show – A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts.  From the website:

In 2013 the Lyric created the Secret Theatre Company. A 20-strong ensemble of actors, directors, writers and designers brought together to explore new ways of making theatre. Since their first provocative performance they have courted controversy and sparked debate across London. Now they are taking their repertory of productions on a nationwide tour.

A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts is a devised piece looking at human relationships.  Part scripted, part improvised, at times polished and at times raw with weakness and emotion, this is an honest and open look at, amongst other things, love, friendship and disappointment .  Its strength lies in how we use the performance to question our own lives.IMG_5541

At the start of the evening one of the actors is randomly selected from a hat and leads the evening – tonight it was Hammed.

What unfolds is a mix of polished, scripted questions; honest, candid and personal answers; superb physical theatre; some very physical scenes; uplifting music and dance.  It’s different, it’s honest and it’s compelling to watch.  I can’t recommend this enough.


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