JB Shorts 12

This is the second set of JB Shorts that I have seen and one thing is for certain, this is a great evening out.  Six short plays are staged in the underground cellar stage of Joshua Brooks at the university end of Princess Street.  It’s a small stage in a quirky venue but the atmosphere and intimacy are amazing.  All of the plays are by established writers, mainly TV and radio; they’re all well written, and all very different.  The acting is superb.

Personally, my favourite was ‘A Hairline Crack’ by Jane McNulty.  It’s a very simple but beautifully told tale of two women (played by Cathy Breeze and Tigga Goulding) who collect teapots.  Lovely pace, great characters, just the right amount of comedy and sadness.

20141007_190659But that’s the attraction of this evening.  There’s something for everyone.  From the pure silliness of ‘Paradise Island’ to the serious issues around disabled children raised by ‘Special Needs’ and the effective mix of nostalgia, physical comedy and serious issues in ‘Prostrate’, as well as ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘Mr Normal’, the plays served up a wonderful range of styles, themes and emotions.

Some of the plays exist as complete fifteen minute pieces.  Others, and I’m thinking particularly here of the excellent ‘Special Needs’, could form the basis for a longer or full length piece.

On top of that there’s a bar in the venue, and the seating is good.

I’d recommend this evening.  Here’s the web page – http://www.jbshorts.co.uk – best to book online beforehand as it seems to sell out.






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