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The Other

What I think is magnificent about Gaël Le Cornec’s ‘The Other’ at Z-Arts is that Mana – the child refugee she plays – holds on to her fairytale long after we have seen that she is living in a nightmare. Mana escapes from the Red-yellow planet on a shooting star, meeting a unicorn and a giant along… Continue Reading →

Emergency 2017

Emergency at Z Arts is Word of Warning’s annual foray into what’s new, different and emerging in the fine line that exists between performance art and theatre.  This is ‘Manchester’s micro-marathon of the bizarre and the beautiful’, featuring a mix of durational performance and staged theatre. Running from noon to 10pm, with a full evening… Continue Reading →

Cream Faced Loons (Twelfth Night)

As I left the performance space for Cream Faced Loons’ Twelfth Night, smiling broadly, I just thought ‘I loved this production’, and yet it was hard at first to define why.  Staged in an upstairs room at Z-arts, the audience sit at circular tables as if at a hotel party, indeed the setting is the Illyria… Continue Reading →


After the huge success of Emergency on Saturday, I’m back at Z Arts for the more intimate Divergency, featuring eight performances at various stages of development, presented by Word of Warning and STUN, Sustained Up North, ‘part of a National Movement dedicated to the growth and prosperity of BAME Creatives across the UK’. The evening opens… Continue Reading →

October theatre

What’s looking good for October? My clear favourite for October is at Contact where Belarus Free Theatre perform Burning Doors.  ‘What happens when you are declared an enemy of the state simply for making art? Where do you belong when your government suppresses your basic right to expression? And how do you survive in one of the… Continue Reading →