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What if I Told You

Pauline Mayers brings theatre/dance piece What if I Told You? (directed by Chris Goode) to the Royal Exchange Studio.  The performance weaves together interconnected strands to investigate prejudice based on skin colour.  Theatre and dance combine in a thought-provoking yet playful exploration of life, racism and how slavery informed modern medical practices. There are five… Continue Reading →


Powder Keg, winners of the Royal Exchange’s 2016 Hodgkiss Award designed to support the realisation of a brand new piece of ambitious theatre by an exceptional artist or company in the North of England, bring Bears to the Royal Exchange Studio. We want people to see a piece that is about climate change without it… Continue Reading →

Spring Reign

War is fed to us through media that commoditises suffering.  We see the consequences but often the place looks like a film set and the bodies are anonymous, two dimensional.  We cannot imagine how people feel to be displaced and to endure day after day of fear and suffering. The horror of war is best… Continue Reading →

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is a collaboration between the Royal Exchange’s Elder’s Company and Young Company.  This is ‘an eclectic group of performers who play, move and speak together. In this show the actors don’t play characters and don’t tell a story, instead they share their thoughts, feelings and experience.’ The Young Company talk about what they… Continue Reading →


There are many ways to present the housing crisis on stage. Letters to Windsor House took a humorous, observational view, leaving you to draw your own conclusions. Cathy, at the Royal Exchange Studio, lays bare the reality of the present situation, reminiscent of the style of the recent film I, Daniel Blake.  Interspersed with the… Continue Reading →