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Queen Margaret

The history of our world often consigns the role of women to mere supporting cast. Think of Camille Claudel who probably sculpted many of Rodin’s most important works. So it is with Queen Margaret, pushed into the background of four of Shakespeare’s plays and yet a dominant force of both the politics and the battles… Continue Reading →

Mercutio and Tybalt

Mercutio and Tybalt from Oxford based Leaning House, performed at MADS theatre in Macclesfield, approaches Romeo and Juliet from a new angle.  It’s easy to draw parallels with the classic Shakespeare inspired Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, but whereas that explored the existentialist world, this play is firmly rooted in the physical and emotional relationship… Continue Reading →

Cream Faced Loons (Twelfth Night)

As I left the performance space for Cream Faced Loons’ Twelfth Night, smiling broadly, I just thought ‘I loved this production’, and yet it was hard at first to define why.  Staged in an upstairs room at Z-arts, the audience sit at circular tables as if at a hotel party, indeed the setting is the Illyria… Continue Reading →

Party on Twelfth Night

The stage is set up as if we were about to witness a gig.  The house lights stay on for the whole performance.  A reimagined Twelfth Night?  Or possibly one that is truer to the original?  The traditions of Twelfth Night revolve around role reversal, eating, drinking and music, and these form the backbone of… Continue Reading →

King Lear

Talawa Theatre Company return to the Royal Exchange in Manchester with their version of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, reuniting director Michael Buffong and actor Don Warrington from the superb 2013 production of All My Sons. King Lear, the play, looks at the consequences for everyone of one man’s rash decision to partition his kingdom.  Many will talk… Continue Reading →