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The Roundabout

What must it be like to see theatre for the very first time in the Roundabout? Pitched in the middle of a park, it’s a bit like a small big top except that’s it’s yellow and hemispherical. You enter down a dark entrance to the side of the stage and there is anticipation, then you’re… Continue Reading →

The Roundabout – Lungs and Tuck Shop

Roundabout For six days, from 15 to 20 September, the Roundabout has come to the Lowry. Pitched in the Plaza outside the main building, this intimate 168 seat travelling pop-up theatre-in-the-round tours the country, showcasing Paines Plough plays alongside exciting new writing.  It’s an excellent idea to make theatre more accessible, although outside the well equipped Lowry, it… Continue Reading →