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Edinburgh – History History History

During this performance of History History History, Deborah Pearson talks about how compassion and censorship have shaped our perception of history. She describes her grandfather who starred in the 1956 Hungarian film that plays behind her; she promised she would omit anything negative about him.  This is a film that has been censored, edited and… Continue Reading →

Journeys Festival Manchester

Journeys Festival showcases exceptional refugee and asylum artists across Manchester from 1-12 October. In St Ann’s Square a shipping container has been spray painted and showcases very personal and moving stories of what it is like to come to the UK.  One quote ‘I came here seeking freedom and human rights so that I might make… Continue Reading →

Little Sister

You know this is going to be fascinating, very visual and gritty as soon as you see the set.  A woman sits with a long rope twisted around her, a man’s hands are just visible in a bath of stones, a cello lies shattered on the ground, one body face down, another with his head in… Continue Reading →