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Hull – It’s Different for Girls

I’ve made the trip over to Beverley near Hull, to the wonderful East Riding Theatre.  Hull is UK City of Culture and I promised myself I’d make the trip this year – there’s a lot going on and it’s a city well worth getting to know again.  Also, two of Manchester’s talented actors – Abey… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – How To Win Against History

During last year’s Edinburgh Fringe I saw How to Win Against History in the Assembly Box, an intimate shipping container with 80 seats.  This year it’s moved up in the world to the Assembly Piccolo, a 200 seat tent in a beautiful, traditional style with bench seating.  Billed as a musical but really a play with… Continue Reading →

FLARE17: Lowry double bill

Someone Loves You Drive With Care by Tom Cassani (UK) Tom Cassani exposes the techniques of deception, and teaches how to spot it in action. Stripping back any physical means of trickery, he works closely with the audience to explore and expose deception and truth, and the fine line between the two. An illusionist at FLARE?… Continue Reading →

Streetwise Opera

The hall fills completely with music and voice from the twenty participants.   In this scene the cast are trying to topple a statue.   As they sing, from the front they pull ropes, from the rear they push.       Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go,       We will never lose our power,  … Continue Reading →

The Funfair

The opening production for HOME teams Director Walter Meierjohann (Romeo and Juliet) with Simon Stephens, one of our greatest playwrights (and who adapted Curious Incident), to put on a modern adaptation of  Kasimir and Karoline by Ödön von Horváth.  The original dates from 1929 and deals with the effect of economic recession and the rise of the… Continue Reading →