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There is something quite fascinating about watching a text that is virtually unknown in the UK but a classic in another land.  Cloudstreet is ‘an epic stage adaptation of Tim Winton’s enormously successful and much-loved novel of the same name. Set in post-war Perth, Australia, Cloudstreet follows the fluctuating fortunes and changing relationships of two families’…. Continue Reading →

Lorca Double Bill

Manchester School of Theatre closed the spring season with a Lorca double bill, Doña Rosita the Spinster and Blood Wedding, performed at HOME from 2-4 March. Yasmin Mwanza plays the lead Dona Rosita, a woman who waits for her fiancée to return from abroad and grows old alone.  It’s a play about the social norms in Spain at… Continue Reading →

The Blue Room

Manchester School of Theatre (MMU) bring David Hare’s The Blue Room to HOME.  Based on La Ronde, and similar in structure to the excellent Caresses (also from MST as part of 2016 ¡Viva! Festival), the play follows a Möbius-strip-like sequence of ten sexual encounters, each of two actors, one of whom continues into another liaison in the… Continue Reading →

The Art of Success

So it’s the last performance of 2015/16 from MMU’s Manchester School of Theatre, and it’s in HOME’s main theatre space. Nick Dear’s The Art of Success is a tricky play.  At times simply bawdy, at other times pronouncing on the uneasy relationship between art, money and censorship, and covering themes of feminism and desire, this… Continue Reading →

Greek Theatre

Two productions based around Greek plays come to Manchester at the end of this week. Crystallise Theatre bring Medea to the Anthony Burgess Foundation on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 February.  ‘Based on the classic Greek tragedy, this modern re-telling of the story will have you on the edge of your seat. Centred on a… Continue Reading →