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Everything that happened and would happen

At the end of Everything that happened and would happen I just want to stay in my seat and take in the images that I am left with, to rewind in my mind what I have just seen and to understand how it fit together, to pull together the ideas of what our world has been… Continue Reading →

What if Women Ruled the World?

There is no question that What if Women Ruled the World? is a profoundly messy production.  Gender stereotypes are thrown around at will and we veer violently from one to the next. The five experts have such a short time to make their proposals, the effect is heightened, almost surreal. The gap between the actors and… Continue Reading →

Manchester International Festival MIF17

MIF17 reveal their line up for this year’s Festival, and there are some fascinating theatre performances. Yael Bartana’s ‘film and performance project’ What if Women Ruled the World? directed by Vicky Featherstone and performed in Mayfield, sees a group of 11 women confronted by an urgent crisis of our time.  A mix of actors and… Continue Reading →