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Two hundred years after writing, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein appears to be more relevant today than at any other point. We are on the verge of creating beings in our image, whether through genetics, bioengineering or Artificial Intelligence. We will face the challenge over how to control our creations, just as Frankenstein did. And in a… Continue Reading →

But John Hughes Said It Would Be OK

At the end of the first scene, an actor says: ‘The films of John Hughes spoke to a generation. He captured the angst of adolescence, the highs of teenage adventure and lows of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in a way which said, “It’s OK.” And we believed him. Perhaps we shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

See the Central Library in a different light

Performance can appear in all guises, and the recent Enlighten 2015 Festival of Sound and Art in Manchester, organised by Curated Place, showed how powerful sound and light installations can be.  Situated mainly in the Central Library, over twenty works were spread over three floors.  For three evenings the Library lost its formal quiet face… Continue Reading →

Bad Language and the City

Where is the line between spoken word and theatre monologue?  As part of Manchester After Hours, I’m following Bad Language around three venues.  Bad Language is ‘a literature organisation based in Manchester dedicated to the promotion and development of new writing.’  I’ve seen them perform before, as part of a Royal Exchange Special FX hour (coincidentally… Continue Reading →