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Years ago it was a cliché that if your house burnt down you’d grab the photo albums. After a break up you’d either burn the photos, take them out and reminisce when you felt sad, or clip the significant other out of the photo. Love letters. Now it’s all online. Who has photo albums to… Continue Reading →

Take on Me

note: these performances are currently only in Surrey. Take on Me is a new production from Dante Or Die, whose recent Handle with Care impressed me so much.  Commissioned by Arts Partnership Surrey and Farnham Maltings under ‘not for the likes of me’, this piece of theatre has been designed to explicitly ‘reach people who don’t normally… Continue Reading →

Handle With Care

Presented as part of the Lowry’s Week 53 Festival, Handle With Care by Dante or Die is ‘a site-specific journey of one woman and her stuff through a lifetime in self-storage performed at Ready Steady Store in Worsley’.  Performed over two floors, ten storage units of all sizes, and along the corridors, this performance looks at what… Continue Reading →