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Why does the Bruntwood Prize matter?

Yesterday the winners of the 2017 Bruntwood Prize were announced at a ceremony at the Royal Exchange.  In effect there were six winners; an overall Prize Winner, three Judges Awards and two plays selected for development support.  It is likely we will see at least four of these performed at the Royal Exchange either in… Continue Reading →

Parliament Square

Parliament Square by James Fritz is the third of the 2015 Bruntwood Prize winners to be performed at the Royal Exchange (Wish List, How My Light is Spent), and the first to be performed in the main space.  At first this seems an odd decision.  Wish List always struck me as a play that should… Continue Reading →

How My Light is Spent

It’s hard to think of a Bruntwood Prize winning play that has used form in this way.  Really this a narrative poem without verse, the two actors both telling the story through direct address to the audience, and acting out the key scenes.  Simply set on a walkway which appears to be suspended from the ceiling, sparsely… Continue Reading →

Wish List

Wish List, winner of the 2015 Bruntwood Prize and written by Katherine Soper, follows Tamsin, trapped between an employer that wants 100% efficient human robots, and a brother that needs her care, and whom the state is letting slip through the cracks.  Zero hours contracts are a reality for almost a million people, and a… Continue Reading →


Bird is the fourth and final play from the 2013 Bruntwood Prize award, following Yen, Rolling Stone, and So Here We Are.  Written by Katherine Chandler, Bird tells the story of almost-16 year old Ava who is about to leave the care home she entered three years earlier, but can neither leave her friends nor persuade her… Continue Reading →