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Operation Black Antler

There was a moment in Operation Black Antler (from Blast Theory/Hydrocracker and HOME) where I and one of my undercover team finally get an introduction to one of the key people in the operation we are trying to infiltrate.  It’s been hard work persuading our contact to believe that we are sufficiently committed to their… Continue Reading →

Take Me to the Bridgewater

I’m at Worsley Library for Blast Theory’s Take Me to the Bridgewater. I lived just down the road in Monton in 1990.  The Canal was the dangerous but quick route home after a night out in the Bridgewater, otherwise I was barely aware of its existence and certainly not its unique history. Since I moved… Continue Reading →

Too Much Information

Put on your headphones, enable the GPS phone and set off into the streets of Manchester to find highlighted locations.  Listen to the words, look at the surroundings.  Feel how a familiar location changes.  Feel yourself moving in time. Too Much Information is a new work by Blast Theory,  created in partnership with the Royal… Continue Reading →