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Is audience participation killing theatre?

Theatre is defined by many unwritten rules.  When you first go to the theatre, these rules are unclear, on etiquette, what to wear, how to react to the performance.  On the few occasions I’ve been to a classical music concert I have struggled to understand when to clap; why is it encouraged after a big… Continue Reading →

How far should audience interaction go (or I hate dancing in public)?

In the light of Operation Black Antler from Blast Theory/Hydrocracker I’ve had a nagging thought.  What responsibility does a theatre company have to its audience in terms of the extent to which they need to interact? In live performance, some activities are optional and to some extent there are rules.  You don’t sit on the… Continue Reading →

Barriers to Entry

For three years, I would wander past the Castlefield Art Gallery, never building up the courage to go in.  It looked too private, like it wasn’t for me.  Exhibitions passed me by – exhibitions I would have liked to have seen – and still I didn’t go in.  Twice last summer I met friends for… Continue Reading →

Live 3 from Barrel Organ

As part of Barrel Organ’s stay at the Royal Exchange with ‘Some People Talk About Violence’, they also presented a live scratch night ‘for experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre’. The thing about scratch nights is that they are an invaluable way… Continue Reading →