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Edinburgh – bin Laden the one man show

Our history is littered with powerful people who have stood up for what they believed in, and not stopped until they achieved their aims.  We remember these people in different ways.  The often quoted ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ is misleading.  As Ronald Reagan said in 1986 ‘Freedom fighters struggle to liberate… Continue Reading →

FLARE17: HOME double bill 8 July

The final performance of FLARE17 is at HOME and we’re treated to two impressive and completely polar performances. Moore Bacon! by Bosse Provoost and Kobe Chielens/de polen (Belgium) Moore Bacon! plays with the spectator’ s eye, creating form, texture and colour in the imagination as much as the reality of the stage. On the face of… Continue Reading →

FLARE17: Future FLARES #1

Future FLARES is the strand of FLARE17 that showcases both student work and work in progress from established artists.  The two performances today at the Martin Harris Centre are both UK student pieces. A work of ART: Dead Pig (MMU) Two men and two women stand naked on stage covered only in white clay. Each… Continue Reading →

FLARE17: Blindfolded

FLARE’s lunchtime offering centres around the Hub (70 Oxford Street) with two shows that blindfold the audience in very different ways. PARTY: Beaches (Spain) How to explain this extraordinary piece of immersive theatre?  In a group of ten you are led, blindfolded and wearing headphones, into a room.  Each person has a cast member to… Continue Reading →

How My Light is Spent

It’s hard to think of a Bruntwood Prize winning play that has used form in this way.  Really this a narrative poem without verse, the two actors both telling the story through direct address to the audience, and acting out the key scenes.  Simply set on a walkway which appears to be suspended from the ceiling, sparsely… Continue Reading →