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Moth looks at what happens when young people become outsiders at school; when they are bullied for being different.  What are the consequences when this is wrapped up with mental health issues?  Ransack Theatre bring Australian Declan Greene’s play Moth to the delightful surroundings of Hope Mill Theatre. The play is constructed entirely by the… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema

Spoiler:  I love shadow puppets, and I think it’s one of the most underrated performance techniques, at least in the UK.  I’ve seen a few over the years at the Fringe, and they’re normally for younger audiences or a bit niche.  But done well, shadow puppets can create performances of rare beauty.  The Underbelly Potterow venue… Continue Reading →

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals is a sonic and visual art installation from Ed Carter and David Cranmer, set in the main room of the Anthony Burgess Foundation.  It’s part of Future Everything, a Festival of Ideas and Culture in Manchester, which this year focuses on how we can rethink the Earth’s resources. The installation ‘takes data beyond the confines of… Continue Reading →

See the Central Library in a different light

Performance can appear in all guises, and the recent Enlighten 2015 Festival of Sound and Art in Manchester, organised by Curated Place, showed how powerful sound and light installations can be.  Situated mainly in the Central Library, over twenty works were spread over three floors.  For three evenings the Library lost its formal quiet face… Continue Reading →