November 2017 Preview

Manchester theatre has been running at full pace through all of September and October but starts to slow a little in November.

Big productions opening in Manchester include Jubilee at the Royal Exchange (2-18 Nov) and Uncle Vanya at HOME (3-25 Nov).

At Contact, I’d pick out two new shows, Dickie Beau’s Re-member Me ‘a human Hamlet mix tape’ (28-29 Nov) and Keisha Thompson’s Man on the Moon (21-25 Nov).  But also don’t miss the chance to see Cheryl Martin’s Who Wants to Live Forever? (17-18 Nov)

At HOME, Forced Entertainment bring Real Magic (co-presented by Contact) from 29 Nov – 1 Dec.  Also if your interests are wider than theatre I’d try to see Pen:Chant at HOME on 24-25 Nov with poet Rosy Carrick.

Sticking with poets, I’m very much looking forward to Helen Mort’s retelling of the story of Medusa at the Lowry (15-16 Nov).  Also at the Lowry, Two Destination Language bring new show Declining Solo to WTF Wednesday (8 Nov).  I interviewed them for their previous show here.

Manchester School of Theatre return to the Thursday – Saturday format at HOME with Pulitzer Prize winning Picnic (16-18 Nov).  At their best MST choose fascinating scripts with excellent staging and performance.

At 53two, JB Shorts returns for another selection of six plays.  We’ve seen many more of these evenings of multiple short plays spring up over the past year or so, and it’ll be interesting to see how the quality of work compares.

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